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Prelink multi-signal recorder

With the technology development on mobile device, nowadays large equipment become to be portable ones, possible for us to perform the site body information monitoring whenever necessary. We have been working at R&D on the professional monitoring and testing devices, which can be carried conveniently and operated easily. With the mobile phone, tablet and personal computer, the device can collect and save multiple life signals. These signals are important for understanding body conditions. It is also as a real time monitor. The saved data can be transmitted and shared through internet. The initial data collected, wherever from mobile phones, tablet and personal computers, all conform to the professional level. Moreover, the data whatever displayed by mobile phones, tablet and personal computers are highly accurate and complete.With artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and deep neural network (DNN) technic, the auto-identification provides better service. Everyone can get real-time, comprehensive help.


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  • A multi-signal recorder for various health check and monitoring applications
  • A light, pocket device, easy to operate and carry

  • Power supplied by 4 AA batteries, Weight 120g

  • ​Two run modes - online real time and offline auto-run 

  • Data collection by  via WiFi

  • Data sharing through internet

Prelink Multi-signal Recorder

Features & Benefits


Innovation and creation for healthy life

● Online real time 12 Leads ECG recording            

● Offline long time ECG & SpO2 recording 

● Online real time Multi-signal (ECG/SpO2/TEMP) recording         

● Online real time Multi-channel recording      

● Oxygen saturation              

● Temperature                       

● Save & share data              

● Print Sheet                         ​