It is to present an APP with multiple functions as well as user friendly interface, utilizing the advantages of tablet computer, like adequate screen size and portable to carry. It owns the functions of 12 leads recording, multi-signal recording, multi-channel recording, long time recording, oxygen saturation and temperature. Depending on the adequate screen size, the operation becomes easy and more information can be displayed. This version is useful for people who demand both portable and professional device. Print function is also included.

tablet computer edition

The product is user oriented. Basing on the wide popularity of the personal mobile communication devices in the current world, we chose smart mobile phone, tablet computer and PC as the operation interface and image display terminal through WIFI connection. Thus even with the minimized size and weight of product hardware, the professional level of data quality is gained perfectly, making the device portable, on site operation and on site data sharing. The operation interface is user friendly with full functions included, like data collection, wave display, digital reading, data saving and replaying, long distance data transmission and sharing, etc.

Prelink Multi-signal Recorder

iPad print sheet

multi-signal recorder

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​pc edition

Superiorities of function

PC Print sheet

It is to provide a simple and easy App, which runs on smart mobile phones and can be used on site whenever necessary. It is a concise program, which performs 12 leads recording, multi-signal recording, long time recording, oxygen saturation and temperature examination. The details of image can be shown clearly with high resolution screen. It has an easily operated file management interface to share the original data via internet and simultaneously re-open/delete the data file(s) saved before. The data collected by this app conform to the professional level as well as the other programs on tablet and personal computers. Through the app, offline long time recording starting and data reading can be realized. 

MObile phone edition

zoom for watching wave detail

● Multiple signal synchronously recording

● Online real time recording / Offline recording

● Display of details with high resolution screen in portrait / landscape
● Adjustable background / wave line / label color and label font
● Intelligent finger tracking dynamic display

​● Image zoom and scroll
● On screen help

​● 12 leads real time recording.
● Multi-signal real time recording.
● Offline long time recording, maximum 36 hours.
● Oxygen real time display.
● Temperature (Celsius / Fahrenheit).

● Data saving and sharing through internet
● Personal data management
● Print Sheet

file management 


smart finger tracking

It is specially for professional use. With the full functions and extra personal file management system, every examination performed can be viewed clearly. Through big size screen of PC, other than in focus display, waves recorded in a longer duration can also be shown. Corresponding to different screen size, the length of wave record is adjusted automatically. For long time recording, one hour record can be almost displayed in a 27" screen. Print function is also included.

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